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Processing and security of personal data
When you make a booking to stay in one of our accommodations, we need certain information from you. In other cases, such as information requests, the administration of for example prize contests and visiting our websites, we also process your data. In case of a booking, your data will be shared with the owner of the accommodation, in which you will be staying.

Below you will find a more detailed description of the data we can process and what we do with it:

What do we want to know from you?

First- last name and gender
In order to address you personally, we would like to use your personal data. Of course, they are also required to register your booking and to include the data in het night register.

Address and residence

You will receive most of your booking details by e-mail. In some cases we will send information to your home address.

Phone number
We may need to contact you concerning your booking. We will call you in case we have any questions and can, for example, send you a text message if your bungalow is available earlier. Sometimes we call you before arrival or after departure to check if everything is clear and if everything was fine.

Dates of birth
The person who books an accommodation must be at least 18 years old. In addition, tourist tax may depend on the age of the persons who stay in the accommodation. That is why we need dates of birth.

We may look at your IP-address on the internet. We remember your preferences and can give you an appropriate advice.

E-mail address
You will receive an e-mail about your reservation, invoice and the bookings youhave made. You will also receive newsletters by e-mail. If you prefer not to receive any newsletters and offers, you can easily unsubscribe through the link in the newsletter.

We also use your data for the following:

Guest service
You can call us, mail us and contact us via Social Media. We store your data. In order to make our service a little bit better every day, we analyze all contact moments.

Owners and partners
You data will be passed on to the owners of the accommodation in which you will be staying and to organizations that carry out activities with regard to your booking, such as our cleaning company and the booking system we use to provide our services.

You may receive newsletters and other offers from us. If you prefer not to receive any newsletters and offers, you can easily unsubscribe through the link in the newsletter or by sending an e-mail.

Reviews and guest survey
You can help other guests with your review. By sharing experiences, you give others an even better picture of our accommodations. The answers you give in our guest survey are viewed by us to further improve our service. We can also share your answers and data with our parks and partners, such as our cleaning company. We may also contact you in response to a completed survey, for example to ask additional questions or to thank you for your feedback.

Night register
The data of you and your fellow-travellers is processed for the benefit of the municipality, amongst other things in the event of calamities. The data can be processed in our systems

Claiming data
Sometimes we use guest data to research, prevent and counter fraud. Under certain circumstances we must pass on personal data to relevant authorities. In connection with (international) sanctions legislation it is also possible under certain circumstances, that we share your data for example with financial institutions.

Contact, access, change or delete data and complaints
On request we will inform you whether we process your personal data. In addition, you can request, improve, supplement, delete or protect this data, for example if it is factually incorrect. This may mean that you can no longer make use of (a part of ) our circumstances.

You can contact us through the link customer service. Should you have a complaint with regard to the processing of your personal data, you can also address the relevant government authority (Personal Data Authority).

Retention periods
We will store your personal data for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes as described in this document. Based on legislation it may be necessary for us to keep the data longer.

Based on legislation we must indicate which so-called foundations are used when processing your personal data. This mainly focuses on the processing of data on the basis of 1) an agreement, 2) in connection with a legitimate interest of Ameland Verhuurt and 4) in connection with a legal obligation.

We mainly use your data in connection with your booking (based on an agreement with you). Your booking is registered and we will do our utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Additional contact moments, such as reviews, marketing activities and the registration and analysis of your actions, take place in connection with a legitimate interest of Ameland Verhuurt. You can also sign up for a newsletter yourself. In that case, you give us permission to use your data for this. We are also legally obliged to include your data in the night register.

Security of data
For the security of personal data processed by us, we and sub-processors (including the supplier of our booking software) make use of extensive security protocols, amongst other things to prevent unauthorized access to this data.

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Which third parties place Cookies through the websites of Ameland Verhuurt?
Ameland Verhuurt cooperates with third parties in the field of Social Media, visitor statistics and ads that also place cookies.

Do you experience benefits in placing cookies?
Cookies allow us to analyse your surfing behaviour and relevant offers. For example, you won’t get to see the same offer every time, that doesn’t meet your wishes. We are continuously busy to improve our online service thanks to data we derive from trends and behaviour on our websites.

Can you remove cookies?
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What is the responsibility of Ameland Verhuurt?
The website may contain hyperlinks that allow you to leave the site and end up on sites of third parties. Ameland Verhuurt has no control over the websites that are linked. It is therefore possible that a different privacy policy applies to the use of these third-party websites. Ameland Verhuurt doesn’t accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) third-party websites.

Who is Ameland Verhuurt?
Ameland Verhuurt is a company that offers online services to mediate in the rental of holiday accommodations from private owners. Ameland Verhuurt is located in (9161AN) Hollum Westerlaan 33 and is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 58554505.

Ameland Verhuurt reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. We therefore always recommend you to regularly check our privacy statement for an update.