Holiday on Schiermonnikoog

Are you celebrating your holiday on the beautiful West Frisian Island Schiermonnikoog? In 1989 the island was declared a National Park. Schiermonnikoog is the only West Frisian Island with this special status. The car-free island Schiermonnikoog offers a fantastic varied nature. There is a well-maintained network of cycling- and walking paths. National Park Schiermonnikoog is an open park. You can optimally enjoy its nature and discover its secrets.

The village of Schiermonnikoog is the only place in the municipality and lends its name to the original inhabitants of the island, the Cistercian monks. The monks wore grey (schiere) habits, eye is etymologically the same as ei in ‘eiland’. Locally the village is also called Aisterbun (Oosterburen) a name that refers to the origin of the village in 1719 because the original village Westerburen was slowly swallowed by the Sea. The village of Schiermonnikoog is the most northern village of the Netherlands.

Schiermonnikoog is often called an island for peace seekers. However, it is a popular tourist destination and Schiermonnikoog offers numerous highlights. Think of the Whale Jaws on Willemshof, the beacons on the Willemsduin and the Kobbeduinen or the Schlei and Wasserman bunkers, built in 1853, which are open to visitors. The two lighthouses built in 1853 are also very special. The Noordertoren and the Zuidertoren are used for navigation of shipping traffic. The Noordertoren is still a manned post, the white tower (Zuidertoren) already extinguished its light in 1909.

Schiermonnikoog offers numerous nice trips for adventurous tourists. Think of nice boat trips on the mudflats or a visit to neighbouring island Ameland, the local museums, nice and educational excursions and creative activities. There are also numerous outdoor sports activities such as power kiting, sand yachting, surfing, canoeing etc. The local catering industry gladly welcomes you in one of the many characteristic restaurants and pavilions for a relaxed and culinary experience.

Are you curious about everything Schiermonnikoog can offer you? Please check the Tourist Office (VVV) website.
Come and enjoy the rich nature and culture on the beautiful Schiermonnikoog.