Holiday on Vlieland

Are you celebrating your holiday on the most beautiful West Frisian Island Vlieland? Vlieland has one village named Oost-Vlieland. A second village, West-Vlieland, has finally disappeared into the sea in 1736 after several attempts of reconstruction. The lighthouse of Vlieland is located on the Vuurboetsduin (also called the Vuurduin). This lighthouse is only 9,5 meters high, but due to its high location on the dune, the lighthouse shines 51 meters above sea level. The western part of the island is formed by the well-known and vast scenic area De Vliehors.

In addition to Terschelling, Vlieland also has its own famous Dutchman with a rich maritime history. Explorer Willem de Vlaming was born in Oost-Vlieland and mapped the west coast of Australia on behalf of the VOC. In the golden age, the island played an important role in seafaring, merchant shipping and warships in transit to all corners of the world, were anchored on the roadstead of Vlieland. Memories of this glorious age can be found in Hotel and Restaurant Posthuys Vlieland.

Just like the island of Terschelling, the harbour is formed by a natural bay near the village of Oost-Vlieland. Today, you will mainly see the ferries and yachtes moored here. The unique location of the village of Oost-Vlieland, close to the Wadden Sea guarantees beautiful views and a cosy atmosphere. Vlieland is not accessible to tourists by motorized transport.

Vlieland is also called the island of peace and space. It offers many highlights such as the pop festival ‘In to the Great Wide Open’, a very cosy outdoor festival which is completely sold out every year!
The ideal is perfect for sporty and active tourists. From Vlieland you can go ‘island hopping’ to the neighbouring islands Texel and Terschelling, enjoy a round trip or join a real beachcomber. You can also go mountainbiking. In addition, local entrepreneurs organize numerous outdoor activities and sports.

Are you curious about everything Vlieland can offer you? Please check the Tourist Office (VVV) website